Saturday, February 21, 2015

21 August 2013, Well Done Elder Carlson

David returned home from his mission on August 21, 2013. Unfortunately there was a delay in the airport in AZ that delayed him arriving in San Diego. But, he got here and the whole family was very excited. There to greet him at the airport were mom and dad, the Robinson family, the McKamey family and Damien and his girlfriend Jessica. We had a family party on Saturday for David and much of the Kret and Carlson family was there. David gave a wonderful homecoming address the Sunday after he arrived home.

The change in David was wonderful. He is still the fun-loving, easy-going person that he always was. But, he is more self-confident, even more thoughtful and has a wonderful testimony. He has a special love for the people of Mexico. It is clear that all of these traits will remain with him for the rest of his life.

David's mission was a great sacrifice for him but he made it gladly. It was a sacrifice for his family as we missed him dearly. But, we would not have changed a thing. He, our family and many people in Mexico were blessed through his service.