Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 9, Mazatlan

Hola Familia!!

How is everyones year going so far? Things are going good here for the most part. Next week we are going to have transfers and I think E. Ward is going to be transfered, but you never know! So it will be interesting to see what happens next week. We have been having more luck finding new people to teach and this week but unfortunately arent going to be baptizing our investigator, Emalia, next week anymore. She kind of just decided she doesnt want to keep having the lessons right now, her brother (who is a member) told us. I guess she has done this with other missionaries before too and think its just hard for her to think about changing her life. Theres a lot of people who believe in the gospel and dont have problems accepting it, but have a really hard time changing their lives. But we want to check up on her to see how she is doing still.

Our district got a little changed around again and we have 2 other missionaries in our district now. We played soccer with them this morning and a lot of other missionaries so that was pretty fun. Im trying to improve my knowledge of the scriptures right now because I want to be able to relate them to all of the things we are teaching. This week we are going to focus on studying the Preach My Gospel book for the whole week though because the Zone Leaders thing that we should.. I gave a talk this Sunday too and it actually went pretty good! I wasnt too nervous but then again we didnt have many people in Church this sunday. We had a good meeting with Ward Counsel after church though and are going to start this new missionary program in the ward. We want to have an activity with the ward too.

My birthday went pretty good even though it was definitely different that normal! The lady we ate with her grandkids wished me a happy birthday that day, it was pretty cute. I feel really old knowing that Im 21 though, but dont feel like I am that old really!. Anyways I know that it is still young so I cant complain.

Thanks for all the support and your prayers. I hope everyone has an awesome week and will be praying for you guys too!

Elder Carlson

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