Monday, July 9, 2012

9 Jul 2012, Culiacan Mexico

Hola Familia,

Well this week went by really fast yet again! The most awesome part was that we got to baptize Fernando. He´s the 17 year old guy we have been teaching for awhile. I´m excited for him because he´s doing really well and seems excited to recieve the priesthood too. I think it would be really awesome if he decided to serve a mission one day too! I think he probably will haha.. There´s been a little bit of progression with some of our other investigators.

It rained some more this week which was pretty nice the days that it was all cloudly. Today has been pretty hot but we´ve been inside air conditioning most of the day, so I can´t complain. E. Lopez and I are starting to work with some of the members some more. We still are working on some plans to do more activities in the wards we are in. We thought it would be cool to have a movie night or something on saturdays. Something to get the youth more involved and excited to assist church on Sunday.

Besides that there´s not too much new going on. I didn´t even realize it was 4th of july this week because we were busy that day ha. But it´s not a holiday that they celebrate here anywas. I´m sure everybody had some good BBQs and enjoyed seeing the fireworks.. This week I want to work more on our commitments with our investigators. We´re doing a better job passing by for everybody on sunday for church, but it´s still really hard to bring people to church sometimes! The best way is just to help them realize the blessings they´ll recieve and for them to make friends in the church. That´s our goal for this week.

Thanks as always for all the love and support. You´re all in my prayers and I know the Lord is watching over you. : )

Elder Carlson

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