Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Almost out of the MTC!

Hola Familia!

Well it looks like I have made it to my last week here at the MTC. It's seems like I have been here a lot longer than 2 months in some ways because it just sounds really weird going back out into the real world. It has been better than I thought it would be but I'm definitely ready to get out of here and go to Mexico!!, Unfortunately I haven't gotten my travel plans yet, but they always make sure to get you out of here with in a day or 2 of your original departure date (which is the 24th).. This is what happened to one of the other districts above us who went to Mexico too, they ended up not getting their travel plans till just a couple days before they left but everything worked out fine. There usually isn't a problem getting visa's to Mexico either, like some of the other hispanic countries so I'm not really worried. Just really hope I get them soon! It still could be today,so I'll try and send a short e-mail out if I get it today still.

Anyways this week has been pretty hecktic but still good. We had to move our buildings like I talked about. It was crazy because Elder Morrise and I had to take apart our bunkbed and then move it to another building near us! It ended up working out fine but was crazy having everyone in that building moving beds and what not out of the building at the same time. You think they would of planned that out a little better but it still worked out fine.. The room we are in now though has 6 Elders, including myself, so it is really packed! 3 bunkbeds in one room, and Elder Morrise and I are splitting a closet. Luckily we wont be here for much longer so that's good. And we got 2 Elders from our district in our room with us (Elder Preece and Later). The other 2 random missionaries are going to Germany. So it is kind of funny how we just have a big variety of missionaries. They have been really nice though and it's nice to have some company, just crowded. I'm showering at night before I go to bed now because it's pretty crazy in the morning having so many missionaries on each floor. 

Besides that Elder Morrise and I taught a lesson on Sunday to our district on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It went well and we were prepared so that was good! Luckily I didn't get called on to give a talk in Sacrament Meeting, but I still have one more chance for that to happen next week. We got a new branch president on Sunday also which was kind of fun. The new branch president seems nice and he served a mission in Argentina like 35 years ago or something. He speaks some spanish then, but he acts like he knows hardly anything. Only got a few more days with him but he seems nice. We also get a new district tomorrow and I'm pretty sure we are hosting new missionaries again? Not completely positive though!.. Hosting missionaries last wednesday was really fun. It was nice being able to show them where their room and class is and what not. They had a lot of questions too and it reminded of me when I first got to the MTC and had no idea what was going on either. The only part that was interesting was carrying one of the missionaries suitcases up a ton of stairs! I managed alright though haha. 

I can't wait to get to Mexico! I have learned so much while I have been here. Spanish and about the Gospel. I enjoy reading the scriptures now more than I ever have. Elder Morrise and I get to do this little thing where we teach a lesson to another "investigator person" but in front of like 50 of the new missionaries on Wednesday. It's a little practice thing the day you arrive at the MTC to show you kind of what it will be like and what you need to know to start teaching people. We had a training meeting yesterday too where we met with the other missionaries who got selected to do this... I can't wait to teach some lessons in Spanish to the people in Culiacan! Hopefully everything works out well, but I'm sure it will. I'm not worried. I hope everything is going good with people at home. Thank you always for your support and prayers.

Adios MTC!

Hasta Lluego Familia,
Elder Carlson

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