Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm in Mexico!

Hola Familia!

Well I am finally in Mexico and it is my Pday. Things have been going pretty good here but definitely has been taking some adjustment. We spent 7 hours in the Mexico City airport on the way here, which was definitely weird. Lots of people talking to us and me not understanding what they were saying.. We took this little plane to Culiacan afterwards too and didn´t end up getting there until 11 40 at night! When I got off the plane the it was so hot and humid too! But I was very excited to be there of course. Our Mission President, Presidente CantĂș, picked us up from the airport in culiacan and took us directly to one of the mission apartments in Culiacan to stay the night. There was a lot of missionaries in there that night too so it was pretty crowded.. Presdente Cantu gave us some good advice on the way to drop us off but I was kind of distracted by the crazy driving in Mexico too haha. The next day we had some interviews with him and then he assigned us our trainers and areas. I´m in a part of Mazatlan right now with Elder Ward. He´s from Utah and has been in Mexico for 4 months, so it´s just us 2 gringos ha. Some people like that and other people don´t. But he is good at Spanish so we are getting by. I definitely am struggling on the other hand. Everyday I´m learning some more but it is a lot harder than I thought.

We have been teaching some lessons to a couple of our investigators and to some less active members. Those have been going good but Elder Ward has been doing most of the talking right now because I have been a little afraid to talk. I´m slowly getting over that, but it is hard sometimes because I don´t know how to say something. Sometimes I understand what they are saying and other times I have no idea. So I have to ask Elder Ward what they are saying sometimes.. It seems like it is starting to get easier though. We do a LOT of walking also. We have two areas that we are covering so that is part of the reason. The other reason is because we only have 3 investigators right now so we are trying to find more people to teach. We did get some more people we´re going to try and teach this week though. So hopefully that goes well.. Church was good on Sunday. Everyone is friendly and most people assume you are from Utah but ask where you are from. So I tell them I´m from San Diego and talk a little bit more. Then I get pretty quiet because I don´t know what to say ha. But Elder Ward is really good at talking to them and everything.. I´ll get there eventually. I´m starting to talk more.

It´s definitely and adjustment being in Mexico though. Lots of people ride motorcyles and scooters since it is cheaper. I have seen some pretty interesting things like a family of 5 on one scooter ha. There are a lot of very poor people here, but they all seem to be very nice and friendly. A lot of them when we have been knocking on doors will tell us they are busy if they don´t feel like talking to the missionaries though.. Lots of people will invite us and in and give us water (purified water, so no worries) even if they aren´t really interested in the Church. It is awesome to see how the Gospel has changed some of the investigators lives that my companion has taught. Because he was here with a different companion for 3 months before this. I´m excited to help some more people learn about the gospel and see them change their lives too. I´m doing good and learning a lot everyday though. Definitely is different now being in the real world and in Mexico but I am enjoying myself.. It is very hot though! So we carry around these little towels to wipe are faces. It´s starting to cool down a little bit but it doesnt get to cold here.

I´ll have to attatch some pictures at some point. I´m doing well and I hope everyone is fine at home. Thank you for your letters, prayers, and support as always. I´ll try and tell some good stories soon!

Elder Carlson

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