Monday, February 13, 2012

Feb 13, Mazatlan Mexico

¡Hola Familia!,

This week was pretty great great! Our investigator Irving had to leave town for a couple days but we still planned his baptism for Saturday. In the beginning of the week we talked with him and he just was a little nervous about how the people in the ward were going to be with him. I think he was mainly just a little nervous and it was our fault for not checking up on him the week before. But luckily Saturday after he finished working he showed up at the Chapel and I got to baptize him. The next day at church I got to confirm him too. Elder Soto and I were both really happy for him and his family. His son is 7 and he looked pretty excited about when he is going to be able to be baptized too. 

Besides that we´re working with some other investigators that we have. President Cantú is going to come down next week and I think we will have a Zone Conference. It´s crazy because it will already be transfers again soo. So who knows if I´ll stay or I´ll go somewhere else. I want to stay another transfer because I want to see some of the people we´re working with progress more and I enjoy working with E. Soto! 

José Luis, an 89 year old investigator of ours, still needs to assist church but has been very excited each lesson. I think next week we´re going to pass by for him and hopefully he´ll come with us to church. We´ve been passing by with other people in the morning to try and bring them along to Church with us and there´s one family that has given us a ride in the back of their truck on the way to church the past couple sundays. We keep finding more people to teach through this family so that has been pretty awesome too! 

Hope everybody has a great Valentine´s Day. Thanks for all the support, love, and prayers! 

Elder David Carlson

P.S. Photo of the baptism and one of day they got married.

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