Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20, Mazatlan Mexico

Hola Familia!

Things are going pretty good here again! Tomorrow we are going to have our Zone Conference, so Presidente Cantú is going to come down and talk with us. That should be pretty good! We had a pretty awesome activity this week at the Church too. The Elders of the other ward (Villa Verde) had the idea to do this activity about the Plan of Salvation. We had some fake plane that crashed and everything. It was pretty cool and fun, kind of like a theater kind of deal. After that we took them to different rooms. One that represented each of the Kingdoms of Glory and the Spirit World.. We had a couple investigators who came and they enjoyed it so that was good. They had me dress up in my baptismal clothes too because I was the one who demonstrated the judgement with the Lord. Even though it was just a demonstration I didn´t want to send one of them to the a lower kingdom, so I said they lived all the principles of the gospel and are going the Celestial Kingdom haha.

We have to marry 2 couples that we are trying to baptize soon, Maricruz and Myra. It´s crazy how many different weddings we are having to plan haha but hopefully everything goes well with that. We have been trying to help them gather their birth certificates and all the other paperwork so that we can marry them this week. If they get married this week we´ll probably baptize them Saturday but if not we´ll wait a little longer obviously. This next saturday we are supposed to hear about transfers too. This is the last week until we transfers start, I think I might of not explained that really well in the last email.

I´m having a good time and feeling more comfortable with being a missionary and everything. E. Soto and I are having fun together and learning a lot about how we can be better missionaries and help our investigators more. Thanks for all the love, support, and prayers! I pray that everything continues to go well with everyone.

Elder Carlson

P.S. A couple pictures of the activity!

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