Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, Mazatlan Mexico

Hola Familia,
This week was pretty good. I feel like we´re beginning to gain a little more momentum but we still don´t have many people to teach, which is a bummer. But we did find a couple more people this week. We had a couple references that might be potential progressing investigators. We had a zone meeting today. The Zone Leaders are really stressed because we have hardly any baptisms and baptismal dates in the zone right now. The mission also is having the lowest numbers it´s had in years they told us to, for this month that is. So we need to change some things. It´s kind of odd though because last month we almost broke the goal of 27 baptisms in Mazatlan, we had 26.
The family that we are teaching, Familia Meza, is doing pretty good. The mom, Alba, promised us to pray if the book of mormon is true and about the church. We´re going to see them tomorrow and they wen´t to church so it looks like things are going good. Hopefully we can help her to progress more in the gospel because she appears to have a lot of faith already. We´ve been looking for whatever doubts she might be having right now.. Besides that my spanish is definitely coming along more. I can understand just about everything people say to me now but still am learning new word everyday. You definitely don´t learn a language in one day, it´s step by step, but I´m not too worried about that like I´ve said. I want to work more on improving the way I teach the lessons this week.
Hope everyone keeps doing well. Thanks for all your support and prayers as usual!
Elder Carlson

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