Monday, April 16, 2012

16 April 2012, Mazatlan Mexico

Hola Familia,
How´s it going?! I´m glad to hear that people are doing with this beautiful month of april. It´s getting a little bit hotter here but still not really bad. It´s actually got a really nice breeze here in Mazatlan in the morning and stuff. This week we have been doing pretty excellent. I´m really enjoying my time here with my new companion E. Brandon and we´ve really kicked it off together from the start of our transfer. We get along pretty good and I speak english a lot with him in the house which has been kind of fun.
We had a couple pretty cool experiences this week. A lot more people have been starting to contact us, which is kind of funny. I don´t know if it´s because we´re both white and they think we look funny or if they just like seeing our smiling faces walking down the street. We taught this one pretty cool family this week! We taught them the restoration and that Dad seems way interested in the gospel and was way happy about it. They have a couple daughters, so we made sure teach it with a lot of good examples for the kids too. When we challenged them for baptism the dad said yes right away, the mom said she doesn´t know yet and he just was telling her to just say yes haha. They´re a pretty awesome family and it´s awesome when we have oportunities to teach complete familys and not just individuals. They didn´t make it to church but we´re excited to see them this week. I think they´ve got a lot of potential.
A lot of changes were made in the zone and so we saw a lot of new faces this morning when we had our Zone Meeting. The guys seem pretty awesome and we have a couple white guys who are pretty new to the mission. Like half our zone this time are americans so it´ll be pretty interesting having such a white zone haha.. I feel like I´m learning a lot about myself, our Heavenly Father, and the plan he has for us each and every week I have here. I hope I can just be lucky enough to see some more miracles while I am here and work on a lot of things I need to get better at.. Love you all at home! Hope you´re doing wonderful and have a fantastic week.
Elder David Carlson

P.S. (PICTURES) 1.) Our Zone, first time there´s been hermanas with us in our zone my whole mission 2.) My companion has turned into a cowboy and I´m a gangster now 3.) We like flying brooms in our apartment sometimes

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