Monday, May 7, 2012

7 May, 2012, Mazatlan Mexico

Hola Familia,
This week has been pretty awesome. We got the chance to go up to Culiacan and spend the day there friday to hear a conference. A seventy of the area spoke and we got to hear a lot of cool stories from him and his wife. He talked a lot about the power of prayer. He comparted a lot of experiences about miracles he has seen from praying specifically and with faith. If there is a problem in our life we can pray specifically about this problem in our lives and try and think about the way the Lord can help us with this dilemna. If we put our part in the effort and put our faith in the Lord he will always complete his part too.
Besides that we´re really excited for this next week too because Olivia, the daughter of the Familia Meza, decided she wants to get baptized this saturday. We ate some gorditas with them on sunday and afterwards taught them a little bit. We were reading in 2 Nefi 31 and after talking about baptism a little bit the daughter said she thinks she´s ready now. I´m excited for the Fam. Meza and really hope I can meet more people like them in our mission.
We´ve been learning a lot also about the importance of teaching people according to their needs. Not every person needs the restoration as their first lesson, even though that´s the one we teach the most. It´s important to get to know the person and their real needs before we just jump into the doctrine. If it´s something they don´t need at the moment, it´s not really going to apply to them or stick in their heart! I´ve been learning more about that true conversion only comes through the spirit touching the heart of the people.
It´s getting a little bit hotter hear but still not too bad. I´m gonna start carrying a little towel around with me again on the hot days haha. Hope everyone has a good week.. Thanks for all your support, love, and prayers!
Elder Carlson

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