Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hola! 27 August 2012, Culiacan Mexico

Hola Familia,
Well this week has gone by quite fast yet again and things are going pretty well. We have been visiting some of our investigators like Elda (SenovĂ­a´s sister) and we found 2 more really cool people to teach this week. We met this one lady after we said a prayer and knocked on a few doors. Her name is Brenda and she works at this sushi place, she has a 6 year old son with a japanese name too that sounds like Yoshi or something haha. She isn´t japanese, but she said the dad is. We taught her about the restoration the first lesson and everything went really well, she had to work this sunday so she couldn´t go to church though. She said she´s going to talk to her boss to try and change her schedule for next week so she can go though.
The other really awesome person we met is named Dulce. We had seen her the other week after we were talking to a drunk guy in front of her house, we asked if we could teach her this week and we did! We´ve taught her like 3 times already and she went to church with us this sunday and brought her little 1 year old girl. She seemed to like the church service a lot and told us not to forget about our appointment we have with her this tuesday. So it´s awesome to see someone so eager to learn about the gospel! We´re going to pray that everything keeps going well with them and that we can help them with whatever challenges they are having in their lives.
Elder Collett and I seem to be more used to our new changes that we have had this week. I´m trying to give more opportunities for him to teach and talk because he´s really quiet a lot of the time. That´s what happened with me though too so I definitely understand ha. He got a little bit sick in the in the beginning of the week too getting used to the food here but is feeling a lot better now : ). We´ve been pretty lucky with the cloudyness and rain we´ve been having still too. There´s only been a few really hot days.
I completed a year of the mission on friday and I ate some sushi to celebrate. Besides that everything is about the same and we´re excited to keep teaching more people. We might start teaching english classes in the church and we´re going to talk to our ward mission leader and the bishop about that this week... Thanks for all the support, prayers, and love! Take care and have an awesome week!
Elder Carlson

P.S. Photos- Pictures from the top of our house (2nd floor), Our District, and Sushi!

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