Monday, September 3, 2012

3 September 2012, Culiacan Mexico

Hola Familia,

Well another week has gone by and things are going well! This week we got to take Dulce to church for the second time and had an awesome Gospel Principles class we asissted that the bishop taught. We talked a lot about prayer and the importance of praying. There are a lot of reasons we should pray and a lot of times when we´re mad or have done something wrong we don´t really want to pray. That´s when we should probably be praying even more though! We´re working with Dulce more and teaching her mom. Looks like both of them might get baptized soon but we´re focusing on trying to teach them whatever it is that will help them grow closer to the Lord and be happy!

Elder Collett is now used to the food here in mexico which is good : ). We´ve had some pretty good ¨comidas¨with the hermanas that we eat with each day too, so there hasn´t been anything to complain about. We definitely never go hungry here which is an awesome blessing! It´s been cloudy but didn´t rain as much as the other couple weeks. From what everyone tells me is that after this month things start cooling down a lot. So I´m looking forward to the months to come!.. Besides that we´re teaching the Luis´s mom, Yesi, right now and she´s coming along alright. She didn´t have the opportunity to come with us to church yesterday but there´s always next week! Haha. It definitely helps when there´s members that can give us and our investigators rides to church and luckily there´s a few people we know that help us out.

Today we´re going to have our Junta de Zona (Zone Meeting) and we´ve been super busy because we had to go to the offices for E. Collett to sign the rest of his immigration papers. Having an american companion has it´s advantages but I need to stop talking in English so much! Haha, but it´s okay we´re coming along well and both learning a lot together.

It´s good to hear that from everyone at home! Sounds like everybody has been doing well from what I´ve heard. I´m sure all the kids are now getting more settled in with school life which is good news too. Thank you all for all the prayers, love, and support you give me!.. Have an awesome week and you´re never far from my heart and thoughts. : )

Elder Carlson

P.S. next week i´ll need to attatch some picturesssss

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