Saturday, January 5, 2013

1 Enero 2013, Escuinapa Mexico

Mi Querido Familia,

Well this week has been pretty eventful! Things have been going pretty well here with the holidays. It was nice to be able to talk with some of the family on Christmas day and I was glad to see that everyone was doing well. We have been finding a few more people to teach and we´re going to keep on looking. Yesterday we went to Culiac├ín for our 'Concilio' and got to hear some messages from President and Hermana Cant├║ and enjoy New Years Eve together. It was a great meeting we had and we were able to discuss several things. A lot of the message was about our need to focus on the eternal perspective of things. We we begin to understand the Savior and His role more in our lives, we´re able to understand Heavenly Father´s purpose for us more. We all have things to work on and to change and Heavenly Father is willing to help us but requires that we follow and accept His son! I know that we can find peace when we truly follow the Savior and I really want to learn to appreciate His love for us more.

We taught a new family this week, the husband is named Alejandro and the wife Claudia. They´ve got 2 little boys and we´re going to visit them and pray that they start progressing and can follow the message we share with them. We also taught a member who hadn´t gone to church in awhile, Maximino, and his wife Carmen. Max got to come with us to a baptism of a little girl in the ward and brought his little son with. It was a pretty cool experience for them to get to see to be there for the baptism. I know with some of the experiences like these that we´ve had that the Lord really does have people here right now that are wanting to hear us. I want to give more to the Lord and his children.

I´m glad to hear from everyone and glad to see the Christmas season has gone well. I wish you all a Happy New year too and that we all can put more of our faith and trust in the Lord. It´s good to see the world didn´t end and I know it´s because there is much more in store for us this year! Let´s make the best of it.

Elder Carlson

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