Monday, January 21, 2013

21 Enero 2013, Escuinapa, Mexico

Mi Querido Familia,

How´s it going? Well things are going pretty well here! This week we were able to continue visiting Norma and she has been making great progress. She really has a desire to learn more about the gospel and wants to make sure we have taught her everything she needs to know before she gets baptized. Her goal is for this saturday and she´s going to be interviewed in the beginning of the week. Her son, Saul, on the other hand has been having problems still. We read part of Mosiah 27 yesterday with her yesterday. We read the part about when the angel appeared to the son of Alma. We talked about how the Lord sent an angel in response to the prayers of his father and his people. She realized that she can pray for her son with faith too, so that he can come to have a change of heart.

We´ve also been teaching a 13 year old boy, Cristain, and his mom Maria de Jesus. Cristain is very smart and has been excited about all the lessons we teach them. Maria is the sister of one of the members in our ward and we met them last week and gave her mother a blessing because her leg has been healing from an injury. She´s doing well and is supporting Cristain in his decision to be baptized too! We´re going to keep teaching his family and are excited for all the progress they are making too... Besides that we are continuing to look for more people to teach and are finding more people interested. Everytime we meet someone eager and willing to hear us it makes up for all that work looking. The members have been helping us out a lot more too and we´re seeing that the Lord really is preparing many people to recieve the gospel here!

Besides that we have been enjoying are time here and are doing a little better with the daily goals we have been setting. We haven´t ran every morning, but this morning and several other mornings last week we´ve kept it up. It definitely makes me feel more awake in the mornings and throughout the day. This weekend we´ll hear about our cambios (transfers) too. This is the last cambio for Elder Cruz in the mission. I think he´s having ups and downs thinking that it´s all coming to an end, but he keeps a great attitude and we´re really enjoying the time we have here!

Thanks for all the support and prayers! I know that the Heavenly Father is always ready and willing to answer them. It´s funny how something so little can make ALL the difference. Have a great week, love you all!

Elder Carlson

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