Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12, Mazatlan Mexico

Hola Familia!

Well it´s feels a little bit more like Christmas now. Mainly because we had a Navidena get together this week in Culiacan! It was awesome because all the missionaries in Sinaloa gathered together there for some activities on Thursday. We drove up there Wednesday afternoon and got ther Wed. night. We ate some food, played dodgeball for awhile, ate cake, and had some testimony meeting thing that night. It was fun to talk with all the missionaries and get together. I met some pretty cool missionaries while I was there and then we headed back Friday morning and got back at like 12pm.

We have been having really cold water in the mornings for our showers for awhile but we went and bought something today to fix it. So it was nice to have water that wasn´t super cold today haha. Things are going good a little better with lessons and everything too... Saturday I baptized an 8 year old boy in the ward also. He asked if I would do it so it was really nice to see him and his family there. Afterwards we confirmed him too and I did my first confirmation. I think I did pretty good for my first confirmation. It was awesome to see how happy him and his family were and made me feel really happy too :).

We got some new investigators and Yesterday I taught Lesson 1 about the restoration by myself to them for the first time. What happened is we went on divisions, me with Elder´s Quorum Prez and E. Ward with the Bishop. We visited some inactive families and it went really well. And then at the end of the night we saw the Elder´s Quorum Prez´s brother and his family. They aren´t members and so I just taught him about the restoration.. I explained a little bit about the Book of Mormon near the end of the lesson but unfortunately forgot to bring one! Haha but it´s not to big of a deal because we are going to visit him next Wednesday and bring one. It´s exciting to see people who are really prepared by the Lord though. He even said to me that with the things that have been going on his life he feels like he had been prepared to hear this message.

Besides that I´m excited to visit with our other investigators this week. We are feeling a little more positive about things this week and it is awesome. Thanks for all the love and support as always!

Elder Carlson

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