Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5, Mazatlan Mexico

Hola Familia!
Cant believe it is already December! The weather is finally pretty nice here so that is good. Definitely doesnt feel like winter to me though. We had a pretty good week. I hit my first transfer mark but Elder Ward and I are going to stay here for another 6 weeks. I think he will leave here halfway through January but you never know. That kind of stuff is pretty random in the mission.
We had a pretty slow week as far as lessons go. Its hard because we need more people to teach. We visited with Marcos and Terre this week and they were having a little party for their family for their wedding. It was nice meeting Marcos family and having some food there. We have one investigator named Isabel who is doing really good. We are going to visit her tonight. She has been going to Church and everything and we have a baptismal date for her. So we are trying to teach her all that we can! Besides that our other investigators arent really going to Church or progressing much. We are going to visit Maria Guadalupe tonight and check up on how she is doing.. Our main thing we need to work on this week is contacting more and getting more references. We need more people to teach!
Next week we are going to have some Christmas get together with all the missionaries in our mission. That should be pretty fun! I dont know what they are going to do with 150 missionaries in Culiacan but I guess I will just figure out later haha... Our district is changing a little bit because of transfers too. We are only going to have one other companionship besides us in our district now. 4 people versus the 6 we had beforehand. My spanish is getting better and I finally got a couple compliments on my Spanish haha. Its still really hard to say things sometimes though.
Anyways thanks for all the support! Glad to hear things are going well at home. Love you and you are in my prayers.
Elder Carlson

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