Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy day after Christmas! Mazatlan Mexico

Christmas buffet with group from Utah

Christmas meal with other missionaries
Apartment, December 2011
Hola Familia!

I don´t have a lot of time to write right now because we have to go pick up some new missionaries who are moving into Villa Verde. After that we also are going to move into a different apartment too. It´ll be nice not having 2 areas anymore but we have to learn a lot more about Flores Magon because we haven´t spent much time in that area. We´re going to have a lot of work finding more investigators to teach but it will be good!

Besides that I had a pretty good week and a good Christmas. Things have been going good here and it was pretty fun because we got to eat with these american families for Christmas who are from Utah. I guess they just stay in Mazatlan for Christmas vacation every year. We had a district meeting this morning and things have been pretty hecktic packing and what not. We also ate lunch with our converts Marcos and Terry who were sad to hear that we will be leaving there ward.

Thanks for all the love and support, hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and has a great week. Remembering Christ´s birth and life is a good thing to do anytime of year so why not keep it up a little longer ya? : ) Hasta Lluego!.. I´ll attach some pictures real fast.

Elder Carlson

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