Monday, June 11, 2012

11 June 2012, Culiacan Mexico

Hola Familia,

¿Que tal? Well this week has been pretty busy. It was definitely a pretty filled week and went well. The seminario thing was awesome! We´d go to the seminario in the morning, leave to work for awhile out in the field, eat lunch, return to the seminario and later on eat dinner there and go him each day. From Tuesday until Friday I was with E. Perez, one of my zone leaders in Mazatlán working out in the field. It was pretty fun and we met some cool people we taught. We got a couple baptismal dates even and we´re hoping to see some more progress with the new people we found. We learned even more about praying specifically and about some of things we should change to have more success as missionaries. One of the most important things is just to remember why we´re out here. To bring people unto Christ!

This sunday was pretty awesome too. We unfortunately didn´t have too many people that came to church (investigators who came) but one of our investigators hadn´t been in awhile. We had challenged him earlier in the week to go and he was really worried about his work, he repairs shoes and didn´t have much business. We taught him about praying specifically and putting our part to serve the Lord and afterwards we always recieve the blessings. He decided to pray asking to have work this week with the condition that he was going to go to church. He showed up to church and I´m excited to go and see him this week to see how things go.

Well, there´s some other news. In the morning we found out that there are some transfers already! My companion, E. Martinez, is going to be sent to Esquinapa (a place a little south of Mazatlán) tomorrow, and I´m going to recieve a different companion named Elder Lopez. It was pretty surprising and I´m hoping everything will go well. There´s some parts of our area that I don´t know super well yet but I know eveything will be fine.

Glad to hear everyone is doing well at home. Thanks for all the support and smiles you give me. Things are getting even hotter here and I don´t know what´ll happen when it hits it´s max haha. Love you all and you´re always in my prayers.

Elder Carlson

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