Sunday, June 24, 2012

18 June 2012, Culiacan Mexico

Hola Familia, 

Another hot week has passed by! Things have been pretty good this week and we´ve been staying really busy. Which is definitely good. It was cool because this week we got the chance to find some new people to teach. The majority of them were from references of other members in the ward too. I´m learning more and more about how missionaries should work with the members lately haha. There´s some cool quote by President Gordon B. Hinckley in PMG that talks about that. Everyone who gets involved in missionary work generally comes to the same conclusion that working with the members is the most effective way to find people to teach! 

That guy who went to church last sunday, Jose Ramon, is doing really good. Elder Lopez knew of somebody that could help us with his marriage problem and when he Jose heard that he was very happy. We´re planning putting a date to pass by with a judge to marry  him and his wife sometime this week, so we´re excited for that.. We´re also teaching this one young kid right now named Fernando. He´s 17 and really a cool kid. He likes to play the guitar and was showing us some songs. He already knows the church is true and has talked with a lot of other missionaries over the years, but we think he might finally make the decision to be baptized soon : ).

Sounds like everything has been going really good at home. I hope it´s not as hot there as it is here, but we´re still handling things pretty good haha. Luckily the buses in Culiacan are a lot cooler than the ones in Mazatlan, in both aspects of the word cool! I´m excited to see what happens this week. Thank you all for your kindness, support, and prayers!

Elder Carlson

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