Monday, September 10, 2012

10 September 2012, Culiacan Mexico

Hola Familia,

Well things have been going pretty well here in Culiacán. E. Collett and I have been having some pretty good experiences teaching and got the chance to go to Stake Conference yesterday. One of the general authoritys from Mexico, Elder Ovando?, came to the conference to speak too. We brought Dulce and a couple other investigators and they seemed like they all enjoyed it. We´ve been teaching Dulce a lot lady and started teaching her boyfriend the other night. They both have talked about getting married before and it sounds like they´ll probably get married before Dulce gets baptized. Hery boyfriend, Jesus, seems like he has a lot of potencial too the only problem will be having him come to church with us because he works sundays.

We´ve been learning a lot together as a companionship and really want to start finding more people to teach. We need to start planning better so that we can teach more lessons with the members. I really liked one of the examples E. Ovando said in his talk. He was talking about how this little girl was going on a flight with her Dad. While they were waiting in line they people could see that the little girl had a ton of balloons she was carrying with her from Disneyland. When it was time to get on the plane the flight attendant told her they could only carry one balloon with them for each person. The Dad and her were trying to decide between her 2 favorite balloons to bring with then. The people in line decided to help them out instead so that the little girl wouldn´t have to only pick 2. Everybody who came on the plane grabbed a balloon to sit with while they were on the plane. :) He gave the example that everything can be easier when we decide to work together and it was cool that everybody decided to help out just for one little girl and her balloons. We all can help out with things more in life and as church members we all can do a better job serving and sharing the gospel.

I´m enjoying the time I have here but want to learn to enjoy every moment I have even better. I know that the time I have here will pass by super fast and I think I wish I´d do a better job living up every moment I have here. I hope everybody can learn to enjoy each and everyday that have to live! True joy and happiness comes through serving those we love, and learning to love everybody. We´re not perfect and we don´t have to be perfect. What matters is if we´re making the effort to improve and do good each and everyday.

Elder Carlson

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