Monday, September 24, 2012

24 September 2012, Culiacan Mexico

Buenas Tardes!

How´s it going? Hopefully everybody is doing well and from what I´ve heard you guys are! This week was pretty awesome if I do say so myself. This week we heard about our cambios (transfers) and I´m going to... STAY! Elder Collett and I are going to keep serving here in our area of Culiacán which is good. Things are finally cooling down, I really love all the ward members, converts, investigators, and friends I have made here. I´ll be kind of sad when I have to leave to be honest. The only change that is happening in our district is Hermana is leaving a new one is coming.

Things are going pretty well with our investigators. We´re starting to meet a few more but it never seems to be enough! haha. We´re teaching this really cool guy named Javier who was a reference from some other elders in the zone. He already accepted to be baptized and stop drinking alcohol, after 2 lessons! He unfortunately had to work this sunday so maybe that will be his only challenge for now. Elda (Senovia´s Sister) and Lina are both going to be baptized this saturday so we´re way excited for them. They´re 2 more of doughnut girls we met from awhile ago. It´s been really cool to see all the changes that have gone on with them since that night and they both were interviewed for their baptisms already :)... Besides that one of the really cool things that happened is that this week we got to baptize 2 investigators from the Hermanas area. They converts always seem really awesome and it was cool do be there with them.

We´re excited for this next transfer and have a lot of goals we´re setting. We´re trying to put our faith in the Lord and not just focus ourselves but that definitely is something we could work on! Thanks for all the support and love you guys always share with me. I´ll keep you all in my prayers and appreciate all the prayers you say for me!

Elder Carlson


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