Monday, October 15, 2012

15 October 2012, Culiacan Mexico

Hola Familia!

Well another week has gone by and things are going pretty well. We had the opportunity to meet some new people to teach and those were probably the coolest moments of the week. We were trying to teach one of our investigators, Javier, all week but things kept coming up so he couldn´t meet with us. He went to go see his mom and some other family too, and then yesterday we got to meet some of his family. We were walking in this one area and a guy called us over, it ended up being Javier and he was over there with his brother´s family. We actually already knew one of his nieces and now we started teaching their family! Hopefully everything goes well with them.

We´ve been having more success with finding more people to teach these past couple weeks, but everyone´s got their own unique situation and problem so we´re trying to work on teaching according to their needs more. We have several people we´re teaching that want to get baptized but need to get married first! A lot of people in the world argue more and more against the reasons to get married now. Everything seems more convenient with out that commitment. But the good thing is even though the world´s standards are always changing the Lord always blesses those who follow him. Heavenly Father wants us to be able to have a family connection that wont only last for all of this life time, but also for all of eternity! I think that´s one of the things I´ve been learning more about personally too, is how important familys really are to the Lord. Satan also knows how important familys are, so his main goal is to destroy them! I know that everything is easier through following the Lord and that we can have true happiness only by learning to trust in him and NOT in just our own, very flawed, wisdom. I´m grateful that the He is very patient with us in our debilities and wants to help each and everyone of us.

Besides that there´s not too much new going on. It´s good to hear that everyone is doing well at home. I´m keeping you in my prayers and appreciate all the prayers that help us out :). Have a great week!

Elder Carlson

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