Monday, October 1, 2012

1 October 2012, Culiacan Mexico

Hola Familia!

How´s it going? Well things are going well here. Yet another week has passed by and it´s crazy that we´re already into October now! The weather is cooling down slowly, but everybody has said that this is the month when the heat stops. So that´s exciting news. It´s rained a couple times this week but not anything too hard.

Saturday Elda and Lina both got baptized in the morning! Elda and her sister, Senovia, had to work during the day so they decided to have it in the morning. We had to do some running around in the morning and fill up the baptismal fount the night before but everything turned out well. It made me smile being able to see them smiling and laughing right before we performed the ordinances. I baptized Elda and E. Collett baptized Lina. Later on they invited us over to their apartment to have some dinner and cake and it was nice to celebrate a little. The next day at church they both recieved the Holy Ghost and were confirmed members of the church too. The only bummer is that we missed that part because we were bringing our investigator Javier to church and his nephew Armando.

There´s a lot of cool people we´re teaching and we´ve been starting to find some more ones to teach in the other area too. We´ve been really blessed because there´s been several members giving us references and we´re hoping to keep on working more with the members... Today has been pretty low key and we got go to Sam´s Club to shop for the week, so we got all stocked up on food for awhile! We´re definitely lucky to be in one of the couple areas in the mission with a Sam´s Club and Walmart haha.

Besides that, we´re just excited that we´re going to have General Conference this weekend! Hopefully we can bring serveral people to the sessions and invite a lot of people. :) Hope everyone is doing well and that you all remember how much the Lord loves and cares about everyone of you! Thanks for your prayers, love, and support!

Elder Carlson


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