Tuesday, October 9, 2012

8 October 2012, Culiacan, Mexico

Hola Familia!

Well things have gone pretty awesome this week! Conference definitely was the most exciting part of our week and we got the chance to bring several investigators to church with us. Our church builiding is one of the Stake Centers in Culic├ín so the session on Sunday morning was packed!! There was pretty good assitance to the other sessions we went to (Saturday Morning, Priesthood, Both on Sunday) but definitely not the same level as the sunday morning one. There´s a family we started teaching in our other area a couple weeks ago and this week we had a Noche de Hogar activity (Family Home Evening) with them. We watch the Testaments and got to talk some more about Jesus Christ and the opportunity we have to be guided by a Prophet of God in these days. We bore testimony to them that they can go to conference for themselves with a prayer in their hearts and they´ll know if he is a Prophet of God and that Heavenly Father will send them answers to their prayers and very distinct preocupations in their lives. Unfortunately the parents both worked on Sunday, but the kids were able to go with one of the Hermanas in the ward. They enjoyed the Conference and we´re going to focus on the teaching the parents more so that they can progress together as a family.

We´re starting to find even more people to teach and they´re progressing little by little. We have been doing pretty well together as a district and have been really trying to contact more and ask more for more references from the members. We recieved a lot of references this week but had a hard time encountering a lot of them because they weren´t there at the times we passed, ha. But we will keep on passing by and hopefully have even more people to teach!

I liked a lot of the talks at Conference but some of the ones that really stook out to me were the Sunday Morning and Priesthood session. I liked how during the Priesthood session they talked about how we should look at people not just how they are, but how they can become. We can change are whole perspective on life if we really look at people the way Heavenly Father see´s us. Children of God with very distinct blessings and gifts that have an unending potential when we turn unto the Lord humbly! I also liked how much everyone talked about the Savior the sunday morning session. Like the apostle Peter we all need to come truly converted unto the Lord, and afterwards to never turn back. If we truly love him we should be willing to follow him and share his love unto others with all our heart, might, mind, and strength. I love the Lord and I pray that we all can remember Him more and try and become more like Him!

Thanks for all the love and support that you all share unto me. I hope that everybody takes an opportunity to smile and even laugh everyday! And if you´re not really feeling in the mood for it, make someone else smile and laugh, and you´ll feel better too :). Have an awesome week!

Elder Carlson

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