Monday, November 19, 2012

19 Noviembre 2012, Escuinapa Mexico

Querido Familia,

Well this week was pretty eventful and went very well! In the beginning of the week I got to spend some time in Rosario with Elder Flores. Rosario is really pretty and we got to go to some even smaller ranchos that are in their area to visit some people. Looks like there is a lot of people waiting to hear the gospel over there and it was fun being able to work with Elder Flores. He´s from Puebla Mexico and seems pretty awesome.

One of the coolest experiences we had this week is when we went and visited Iris on Friday. Her family kind of totally turned on her and was getting her discouraged about listening to us. Her mom found out she was listening to ¨los mormones¨ and sent her uncle over there, who happens to be a catholic priest, to give her a good lecturing. We brought an hermana from the branch with us and she started gaining a lot of confidence with her and was helping her son peel some shrimp. The hermana used to be catholic too and was sharing a little bit about her conversion and when she felt that she needed to join the church and be baptized.. We had went there planning to give her a tour of the church and it looked like it wasn´t going to happen, but then she decided she wanted to go see the church before we left. The hermana helped give her a tour of the church and Iris told us that as soon as she entered the church she felt a peaceful presence. We got to explain some more and when we brought her back to her house she was telling everybody about the spirit she felt there, even though her daughter, Alondra, thought she´s just being crazy ha.. She wasn´t going to be in town yesterday but hopefully she will come with us to church next week! Either way it was an awesome experience for her and helped us learn more about the importance of bringing members to our lessons.

Saturday we got to go to Mazatlan also because we had some Zone conference combined with Mazatlan and Escuinapa. Presidente and Hermana CantĂș taught us a lot and we were able to learn a lot more about how to teach better. We were there pretty much all day and got to have a big lunch there too so it was pretty awesome! Hopefully we can apply all the stuff we learned in our areas and with the people we are teaching.

Besides that some more things here I forgot to mention is that we ride bikes around in our area. Most the time we ride bikes, but a couple days this week we walked around so that we could talk with more people in the street. A lot of people in general ride bikes around here too, because there´s not buses that go around all of Escuinapa like they do in Mazatlan and Culiacan. The weather has a been a little more enjoyable this week but I´m definitely not going to have a cold winter it looks like haha.. Hope everybody is enjoying there November and thanks for all the support you give me! Your love and prayers are greatly appreciated :). Have an amazing week!

Elder Carlson

P.S. Photos- 1.) Some of the missionaries in Rosario 2.) Our little Zone 3.) In order: E. Juarez, Me, and my companion E. Baltich


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