Tuesday, November 27, 2012

26 Noviembre 2012, Escuinapa, Mexico

Querido Familia,
What´s up? Well yet another week has passed by! Things have been going pretty well with our investigators here in the area too. In the beginning of the week I went on divisions to Teacapan. It´s a pretty small place near the sea and it seemed like a pretty cool town. We were able to find a couple more people who look interested in finding the gospel but it is weird because a lot of people there already know the missionaries. Not like they all know them personally but they know of them, which is good and bad haha. It´s nice to be able to see some of the other areas around here though and what´s going on. I was with Elder Gomez for the day and he´s a hard working missionary, it looks like they´re going to start seeing some more movement in the area soon though :).
This weekend was pretty awesome because Iris came with us to a Noche de Hogar in the church. We had a little ward activity and she participated and even brought one of her work employees. She came with us the next day to church and brought her grandson, even though she couldn´t convince Alondra (her daughter) to come with. She´s progressing really well and it looks like she´s going to get baptized the beginning of December. So we´re going to keep preparing her for her goal. Hopefully we can get Alondra to come with us to church soon too.. Another investigator of ours, Julio, is doing really well too. He went to church for his 3rd time on sunday and he seems like he´s progressing well. He´s going to start reading more in the Book of Mormon so though because he wasn´t sure whether he´s recieved an answer that is is true still.. We´re still looking for more people to teach and we talked with several other people throughout the week. I think we´re doing a good job finding the people who are really interested in the gospel but it is a little sad sometimes to see how many people aren´t really interested. That´s one of the reasons it´s so important to teach according to their needs!.. Overall I think we´re doing a pretty good job though, even though there´s always a lot we could improve on.
I can´t believe thanksgiving already passed by. I didn´t even realize it though until I was thinking about it on saturday haha. Sounds like everybody had a good week and I´m glad to hear that. The weather has been pretty good this week but it still feels really hot all of the sudden sometimes. There´s not too much to complain about though and I´m glad I know the area little better now. Thanks for all the support, your prayers, and love. I hope everybody keeps enjoying the rest of November!
Elder Carlson

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