Monday, March 25, 2013

25 Marzo 2013, La Paz Mexico

Mi Querido Familia,

Hello! Well, this week has been pretty good. In the beginning of the week a lot of our appointments were falling through. We met a few new people and put appointments with them too but those appointments were falling through. Friday we went on divisions and I went to a different area with Elder Rodriguez. We started out the day very well visiting a man they had just met that week before. We taught him and he seemed to have a lot of good questions and we began to teach him and a family member there, who happened to be a member of the church, she was in town visiting him. He told us he had been to many churches before but was interested in finding out more and coming closer unto God. At the end of the lesson we invited him to pray and he felt a special sensation afterwards. It´s amazing to meet people who are prepared to hear our message like him.

When I got back to my area we were really hoping our luck would turn around, or that we could make some changes to see more success in the area. Elder Hernandez said ¨we´re not going to teach many lessons today¨ hoping that would make us teach more, because everyday he´d been saying it looks like we´re going to teach a lot of lessons and then it didn´t work out as planned haha.. Saturday we ended up having several great lessons and it definitely made up for all the slow days in the beginning of the week... We meet another investigator named Vidal. He´s from culiac├ín and he has been living in La Paz for a little while for work. A lot of the people we meet here aren´t from here, so it´s kind of funny. But anyways, he told us about his life and how he is seperated from his now ex-wife. He said he has a friend in culic├ín that´s a member and he´d talked with him about the church before and even went with him a couple times. He wasn´t really interested in the church at the time though. Then sunday he showed up to church with us and we´re excited to see how things go from here on!.. We had a great lesson with Ana Jazmin and her family this week too. We read together with them and they're progressing well. Hopefully her husband Carlos can get off work soon though and come to church with us again.

Besides that same old stuff going on around here. Next week there will be changes/transfers and my companion E. Hernandez is finishing the mission. I think he's excited to see his family but feels weird at the same time. I've enjoyed my time with him so far and it seems like it's gone by way fast! It's awesome how many people you get to know in such a short amount of time being on a mission.. We're starting to visit more members of the church to try and help strengthen the ward and get to know more people. We've been seeing some progress there and hope to plan more and more lessons with them! Our ward mission leader, Hermano Nieto, has been awesome and we got an appointment and family home evening activity he's going to go to with us... Glad to hear all is well at home. Have a great week and remember that Heavenly Father loves you!

Elder Carlson

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