Tuesday, March 12, 2013

4 Marzo 2013, La Paz Mexico

Mi Querido Familia,

Well it´s been quite an eventful week and things are going very well. We started out the week going to a zone conference in Los Cabos and it was really cool. There were 3 couples of old mission presidents that had served in different parts of mexico. President Romney, Pres Jesperson, and I think the last one was named Pres Cole? One of them was a relative of Mitt Romney too. They all shared with us different advice and experiences about what they had learned in their own service as missionaries and mission presidents. Sister Romney talked about how there isn't much difference between us and Helaman's army of stripling warriors in the Book of Mormon. I liked the questions she had that made me reflect. "How would I treat my companion if he were one of the stripling warriors?" Would it be different than how I treat him now? How would I feel working with them? etc.. It made me realize that God really does expect a lot out of us and that we too can see just as many miracles. We should take after there example and be exactly obedient. Being obedient to Heavenly father brings blessings, but being exactly obedient brings miracles.. Another thing we learned a lot about is how when we give God everything we can we really come to know him and can see all the miracles that he has prepared for us in our lives. There´s an example about how water boils and 100 degrees celcius but at 99 it still doesn´t. The difference in us giving the Lord 99 percent of our effort and 100 is just 1 percent, but it´s that last percent that´s sometimes the hardest. After giving that last percent though we recieve the power of God in our lives. There was a lot of other good stories I heard from them and advice that I was able to take note of too, so I'm hoping to apply it all the best I can.

Later on we had to go fly back to culiacán for the concilio with Presidente Cantú on Friday. We got to work a little bit with the guys in the offices because we got their a half day early and didn´t get back to our area until late saturday night.. The concilio was good and we talked a lot about leadership roles this time. We need to always be trying to be more christlike and our purpose here is to serve others. We also talked more about how the importance of recieving personal revelation through our studies. There´s a quote I like that about how the salvation cannot be recieved through ignorance. We need to be seeking direction from our Heavenly Father through the spirit to be able to do exactly what he wants us to do. We have the opportunity as missionaries to recieve direction from God for the people we teach too if we are doing what we should be, like studying efficiently in the mornings.

The only hard thing about the week is we didn´t have much time to work in our area! We had just a couple lessons but yesterday we had a cool experience. We were looking for a reference named Fabriseo in this housing complex. Their neighbours told us they´d never heard of him and that the people in that house weren´t there. We started talking to the neighbour, Maria, and we asked her if their were other people that would be interested in learning more about God. She pointed us to some other neighbours and we started teaching this lady named Irma. She seemed pretty enthusiastic while we started teaching her and her kids. Her husband didn´t want to come and listen though. A couple minutes later a truck arrived of family members and they got out. We greeted them and one of them was Fabriseo. He was really happy to see us and told us about how he had meet some other missionaries recently. The dad ended up coming out and listening to us too, and we taught several of the family members right there.. We taught part of the restoration but didn´t finish the message. They all said their going to pray and we have an appointment with them on tuesday. It was cool to see how the Lord guided us to find Fabriseo though, even though it looked like nobody knew him when we arrived there.

Sounds like everyone is doing well at home and it´s definitely feeling like spring time here already. It´s cool at night but hot in the day. Have a great week and thanks for all the prayers, love, and support as always.

Elder Carlson

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