Tuesday, March 12, 2013

11 Marzo 2013, La Paz Mexico

Mi Querido Familia,
Well it's been a great week! Sounds like things are going pretty well at home too, and that's very good to hear. This week we were able to actually work in our area and it went pretty well! It was still very busy though, as usual haha.
In the beginning of the week we had our zone meeting and it turned out pretty well. Everybody left feeling excited about working harder and looking for miracles in our areas. I got to go on divisions with Elder Cruz we met a cool young man. He's 18 and his grandma is a recient convert of the church. We started talking a lot about what he hopes his life is like 10 years from now, and what he hopes for things to be like. We were able to apply his desires to the gospel. He realized that he wants his future family to be a God loving family, and to achieve that he'll need to put the example. His grandmother's testimony and just support in general helped throughout the lesson too.. In our area we got to teach a young man named Isaac. He's been going to church the last couple sundays and he's preparing to be baptized this month. He didn't seem like the church going type at first, from his appearance, but it looks like he is his changing little by little and we're happy to see the progress he has made.. The family we brought to church the first week was moving this weekend and couldn't come with us to church. Unfortunately we weren't able to get to teach them that much but we're planning on visiting them a few times this week.
Besides that there was an activity an Elder in our zone was planning that we helped out with. It was an activity about Lehi's Dream and the whole stake participated. Members and non-members came and it turned out really good. There was a rope that the followed that was the iron rod. Some other missionaries and I were helping people that were blind-folded to go around obstacles and other ones were telling them to go down wrong paths sometimes.. Everything has a symbolism and I really liked hearing peoples testimonies at the end and we got to compart our own about the activity and what we learned. We could see that Heavenly Father has one path to follow but a lot of people were getting lost or detained when they heard voices of the world telling them to do the wrong thing. At the end everybody ended up in the chapel with the Tree of Life, which represents God's love or eternal life. It seemed like everyone had a good time and left having learned something gospel related so I think it was a success :). Definitely was a good idea of Elder Mejia.
I'm feeling a little bit more familiar with the area now. There's still things I don't know too well but I've really enjoyed getting to know all the members. There really are a lot of people that are willing to support us here and we've been seeing more and more progress the more we try to work with them. I know that Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of His children no matter how old they are, where there from, what color they are, or even how obedient they are! I know that He really wants to bless us and I have seen many of his blessings. He'll never force us to do something though and every challenge we face here in life is for a reason and can be used for our personal progress or downfall. We ultimately make the choice, and the sooner we learn to trust in him, the sooner we'll know what true happiness is.
P.S. Photos: My Companion and I, Fancy views of my Area, The Zone: La Paz


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