Tuesday, February 19, 2013

11 Febrero 2013, Escuinapa, Mexico

Mi Querido Familia,

Hey! Well this week has flown by. We were able to teach a lot of lessons this week and are starting to teach a new family. Ever since the branch counsel meeting we had it seems like the members have been a lot more involved in the work and we´re able to go on visits with them more. I know that that is the way the Lord wants the gospel to be preached. Everybody should open their mouths and invite one another to come unto the gospel, not just the people in white shirts and ties.

Right now we´re starting to teach a new family. We met the mom, Olivia, on the second visit. She is very kind and seemed to have a special interest in God and was telling her sons that they should have more friends like us. People that will leave a good influence on them instead of invite them to go out and do bad things. She has 3 sons and we´ve taught two of them Brandon and Carlos. Brandon is 18 and Carlos is 14. They both are very smart and really impressed us with the answers they´d give us to our questions. They really seemed to contemplate what we were talking about and understood everything very well. They´re parents are seperated and it sounds like they´ve had kind of a hard past with their Dad but their both really good kids. Unfortunately they weren´t able to come with us to church because they went to Mazatl├ín this weekend but we´re planning on visiting them with some members this week... We´re continuing to teach another lady named Claudia and her son Alejandro too. Claudia is very sweet and sincere but it is a little bit more difficult to teach her because she can´t read... Also Cristian is coming up on his baptismal date goal but he seems like he got a little bit unmotivated this week. We had an awesome experience with him fasting together but later on the next day his brother kept saying negative comments about the church to him. It´s hard for him because his mother is still in the hospital and now he´s living there with his brother who doesn´t really support his decision. We´ve made some plans to visit him and are going to keep praying for him.

This week I´m going to a seminary capcitation with a couple other people in the zone. We´re leaving tuesday in the afternoon and wont get back until saturday mid-day. We´ll be in Culiac├ín for the week and Elder Clayson will be working here in the area with E. Collett. It will be a little interesting with them working in 2 areas during the week but I´m sure they´ll have a lot of good experiences together. I´m excited to see what we learn and to apply it to our labors here.. I feel like we´re making some good progress lately and that we´re learning how to work smarter. I feel the most happy here when I can begin to understand a little bit more how Heavenly Father feels and to see the lives of his children change for the better. I know that He loves each and everyone of us.

Elder Carlson

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