Monday, February 25, 2013

25 Febrero 2013, La Paz, Mexico

Mi Querido Familia,
Well it´s been my first week in the new area so far and things are going great! Yesterday was definitely my favorite day here so far. I´ve been getting to know my area a lot but still am adjusting. I´m kind of a slow learner when it comes to knowing my directions of an area haha.. Our area is really cool. We´ve got a lot of parts near centro and I have seen some more gringos. We have people we have been visiting in some apartments and they´re all in these huge hills. So it has reminded me a little bit of my area in culiacán.
The beginning of the week was a little slow because a lot of our appointments were falling. Elder Hernandez only had been in the area 3 weeks before I got here so we both kind of are the new guys but he still knows the area well. There´s an investigator we kept trying to visit named Ana Jazmin but she for one reason or the other wasn´t there for our visits. Her husband is in the military and had just gotten back home friday and we invited them both to church. Sunday came and we were pleasntly surprised to see their whole family in church! The dad, Carlos, is really open to learning more about the church and we´re way excited to teach them. We´ve got an appointment with them on wednesday. They stayed for the whole 3 hours and all the messages in church seemed to be just perfect for them!.. Sunday I got to meet a lot more of the members in the ward too and it´s definitely bigger than the branch in Escuinapa. There seems to be a lot of good motivated people in this area too so I´m sure we´ll have a lot of success the more and more we work with them.
Besides that we´re getting ready for our zone conference tomorrow. It´s going to be combined with the zone in Los Cabos and we´re traveling down there for it. It´ll be a busy day and I´m sure there will be some great messages. Friday we´re heading to culiacán for our monthly Concilio with Pte. Cantú too. So we´re still busy as can be. Hopefully their will be a good amount of time to get some visits in still haha... I´m glad to hear everyone is doing well at home! I love you all and appreciate your letters of encouagement. I know all your prayers are being heard too. Have a great week.
Elder Carlson
P.S. I´ll have to attatch some pictures later. Haven´t really taken many yet!

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