Monday, February 4, 2013

4 Febrero 2013, Escuinapa Mexico

Mi Querido Familia,

Well this week has really flown by! In the beginning of the week we went to Culiacán for the concilio of this month. A lot of it was focused on the importance of verifying our commitments that we make with people. Sometimes we need a lot of reminders about things until we actually do them. That´s one of the reasons we go to church each week for example, it reminds us of the covenants that we make with the Lord and helps us to remember what we should be doing. I´m glad that Heavenly Father is so patient with all of us, and I´ve seen a difference in how missionary work improves a lot when we do a better job at verifying too!

Yesterday Norma was confirmed a member of the Church and it was awesome to see how happy she is. She wasn´t confirmed last week because we had a district transmission from a different stake in México. We had our zone meeting too and it looks like we are all very excited for this transfer. Elder Clayson and I get along really well and I can already tell he´s going to be one of my favorite companions. We didn´t have as much time to work in our area because of the trip to Culiacán and what not but we were still able to teach a lot of lessons.. We have some visits planned with the members for this next week and we´re going to have a couple family home evenings with them. Cristain is still preparing for his baptism but we´re praying that his mom get´s better (health wise). She had to go to the hospital last week and it looks like she is going to have a surgery this week. I think they´re going to operate on her in Culiacán and we want to make sure to visit Cristain a lot this week because we know that it´s a hard situation he´s going through and he´s going to stay down here in town.

We have a few other people we´re teaching right now and they all have their own unique challenges. I feel really blessed for the opportunity I have to be in this area at this time and it seems like the Lord is definitely speeding up the work. It´s amazing to see all the new things that are always changing in the mission and in the lives of our brothers and sisters here. It´s always comforting to see when we are able to work in unity and I´m going to pray that we can keep speeding up the work by working together with the members here.

It´s still pretty hot here and it sounds like winter is pretty much over in Escuinapa haha. So enjoy the weather you guys have at home too! I love you all and thanks for your support and prayers as always.

Elder Carlson

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