Friday, September 2, 2011

Another update

David sent a 'real' letter on his P-day as well as the email post. Here's an excerpt from the letter:
"Hola familia!  Como esta mi familia?
This week has been crazy! Right away you are busy at the MTC when you get here. The first few days seem like weeks. I seriously can't believe I have only been here a week. But time is already starting to fly by faster and that is what the Elders who have been here longer told me. Like I mentioned they said if you can survive till Sunday everything starts going faster and getting easier. Besides adjusting though things have been great.  The Elders in my district are all fun and nice. We get along well and it is fun learning Spanish with them!  Two other Elders besides my companion are going to Mexico but different parts (Tijuana and Chihuahua), everyone else is going to Peru (4 Elders), Bolivia (1 Elder), and the United States (2 or 3 Elders).

We are teaching a 'fake' investigator named Juan in Spanglish.  Elder M is pretty smart but more awkward with how he says things. Our 'investigator' isn't willing to pray right now though because he is uncomfortable with it and doesn't feel close to God right now. His 'mother' was catholic and died not long ago. Tomorrow is our last lesson with him though and we are going to try to explain the plan of salvation better.

I am learning so much here but it is hard to get a grasp on the Spanish sometimes. Our leaders and teachers are all very helpful and have taught us a lot about our purpose and how to be effective missionaries. I'm trying to grow and set goals to be a better missionary. Today is P-day but we still have quite a bit going on. I'm about to go to the temple. That should be pretty fun! And tonight we have a devotional.

I love you all! . . don't forget about Dear Elder. It is free and I get it that day!   "

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