Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week 2 post from September 6, 2011

Hola Famila!
Gracias for your e-mails and letters. This week has been pretty good! Last P-day for our devotional we had a talk by Jeffery R Holland. It was very inspirational and you could feel the spirit a lot! I know that he is an apostle of the Lord. He taught us about our importance as missionaries and told us about how we are the most prayed for individuals in the Church next to the Prophet. It is a pretty comforting statment to think about and helps me out when things are feeling a little hard.
Learning Spanish is going well and I feel like I am making a lot of good improvements. I can bear my testimony and pray in spanish and each day my vocabulary is getting better. I understand spanish (listening) to it pretty good but speaking it is a bit hard. I love the guys in my district! They are all going through the same stuff as I am so it is nice to be able to talk to them and they are pretty funny too. My companion Elder M is really nice and helps me remember to do things to be a good missionary. The only problem with him is how slow he is sometimes! I wish he would just be faster, but I guess it's good to have someone to be able to tell what to do :). Just kidding. I'm getting along with everyone and love my teachers. We are teaching some new fake investigators. Our investigator "Juan" is now our teacher "Hermano Diaz". Hermano Diaz and Hermana Scott are both great teachers. We have a few hours of instruction from them in class each day. They mainly practice teaching us different skills we can use to teach people in spanish. They are our new investigators. David and Eva and we just started teaching them yesterday.
It was kind of weird for me at first to be doing the whole role-playing scenario but it really does help you practice being a missionary. People say that the MTC is the place where you are allowed to make mistakes, but nobody expects you to have anything perfect either. Haha. Thank you guys for the Dear Elders and for your thoughts and prayers.
I can't wait til I can go to Mexico! But being at the MTC is definitely needed and I am enjoying my time here. I have a lot to learn but I know I can do this and am very grateful for all the support I have from you guys and the people here.
I'm looking forward to going to the Temple later today and having devotional again. I know it wont be a general authority this time but they are always fun.
Hasta Lluego,
Elder David Carlson

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