Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Email of September 27, 2011

Hola Familia!,
Well another week has gone by at the MTC and things are going pretty good still. I'm glad I am past the halfway point in the MTC and it seems like I have been here forever but that I just left also. Each day is pretty long and each week is fast. Today is a pretty normal P-day and I'm just getting my laundry done and don't know exactly what our devotional will be tonight. Sunday was good because it was testimony meeting again this week! Whether the testimony was in Espanglish or English they were all pretty good and I felt pretty inspired by them! Later that night we had a devotional and our speaker talked a lot about the different things missionaries have to go through. We all make different sacrafices to be there but it is for the Lord's work and to help teach people about him and how they can feel closer to him. He had different missionaries get up on the stage and tell something they sacraficed in order to go on their mission. He kept making jokes about different things though and had people stand up during different parts whether we have felt discouraged since we have been here and whether we have felt comforted since we have been there. Pretty much everyone in the building stood up for both.
We also got to go to a Mission Conference instead of our normal priesthood meeting during that time which was cool. One of the interesting things one of our speakers talked about was how Pride is pretty much Satan's biggest tool in people. Pride is often the root of people having contention with one another, using hostile words, spreading gossip, and so on. Pride is something we all pretty much have to deal with, their is a tendency for people to be self-centered and not to think about others. The cure to Pride is Humility. We must have a broken heart and a contrite spirit in order to feel the light of Christ in our lives and to feel that joy that comes with helping other people. I'm glad I have the opportunity to help out other people for this time I am a missionary even though it is hard it will bring joy to my life and to theirs. The President of the MTC, President Brown, spoke too and one of his investigators happened to stop by that he had taught some 50 years ago beforehand that week. They talked about how the gospel had changed their life and how having that peace of knowing that God loves us has helped their family out. President brown hadn't seen them in over 40 years before that week so he was really excited that they had come and stopped by to see him. It is really cool to know that you can have an effect on someone for their whole life and in turn it will effect their family's lives too.
I'm learning Spanish a lot more and things are going well with our fake investigators still. We got Eva to commit to a baptismal date and she is reading the scriptures a lot. We also got a new teacher named Hermano Carter. It was sad because he replaced Hermano Diaz but we still see him a lot. Hermano Carter also serves as our new investigator "Luis". He is someone who doesn't really know much about God or Christ so we are just teaching him about Christ's ministry right now and going to go from there. I can't wait to teach some real people in Spanish and each week I look forward to our thing we do called TRC, where we teach a random person at this building. They are usually members of the Church, but it is cool just meeting someone new and teaching them something right away. I hope everything is going well for everyone at home. Thanks for your support and your prayers. Love you all! Hasta lluego.
Elder Carlson

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