Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Semana Tres

David's email received today:
Hola Mi Familia!
This week has gone very well! We are making more progress with our fake investigators and have had a lot of cool experiences. On Sunday there was a devotional in memory of the 9/11 attacks. We got to watch the broadcast of the Mromon Tabernacle choir and hear a special musical number beforehand. Sundays are one of my favorite days before P-days because of how relaxing they are. Sacrament was really good this week. We listened to a spanish talk by one of the Hermanas (sister missionaries) in the branch on baptism and then Brother McLay and his wife spoke about freedom and liberty. I didn't realize we were going to talk about the 9/11 stuff so much but it was very good to remember how important freedom and our country is. I love having our meetings in spanish. We sing the hymns in Spanish, the prayers are in Spanish, and missionaries are called upon that day to give talks in Spanish (so you have to have the prepared beforehand). However, they generally leave the people alone who have only been in the MTC for about 2 weeks since we know hardly any spanish. My spanish is coming along a lot though. I just wish I was learning even faster.
The mail room is being moved this week so I wont get any Dear Elders from the weekend and days this week until Thursday. Which is lame but oh well. It is also sad because 3 guys in my district are leaving tomorrow for the Peru MTC. I am going to miss having them in our district. It is strange how well I have already gotten to know them in 3 weeks just because we are with eachother practically all the time. I am a little jealous that they get to leave the country already but at the same time would be scared to go somewhere where they are speaking spanish all the time already! I can understand people speaking Spanish pretty good but it is hard to figure out how to respond in Spanish sometimes. Much easier to comprehend what they are saying and just respond in English haha. We got new Zone Leaders this week too because the oldest district left to Mexico and some states (2 of the guys were going to Culiacan Mexico so that was kind of neat to meet them while I was here too). Tomorrow I guess we are getting a new distirict in our branch too. Which is good because we wont be the youngest district in the branch anymore! Each week on Wednesday there are new Elders who enter the MTC but these are going to be the first ones I get to really see much of.
Thanks again for all the letters and Dear Elders you guys are sending me. I'm learning a lot about the gospel and I love my teachers. Hermano Diaz is probably my favorite because he just has a way of teaching things that makes everyhing make more sense than I have ever understood. This is with him only speaking in Spanish too, so he must be a really good teacher for me to understand it better in Spanish than I did in English haha. I hope everything is going well at home. The weeks are going by faster but there are still moments in the day that seem long. I love the spirit I feel here and have a lot of work to do still.
Hasta Lluego,
Elder David Carlson

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