Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Letter & photos

Today's letter along with some photos of the MTC
Hola Familia!!
This week has been very good! Our district is no longer the youngest district in our Branch. We got the new district on Wednesday and that was very exciting for some reason! Haha, you start looking forward to all kinds of stuff like that here. We haven't gotten to talk to them very much yet so hopefully they will open up. It is interesting though seeing them go through the same adjustment phase I went through about a month ago now. I can't believe I have already been in the MTC for 4 weeks now. We are going to be here about 9 weeks techinically so this week will be my half-way point, I don't know which day exactly though. We get our travel plans with the specific date that we leave 1 to 2 weeks before we head out of the MTC.
My Spanish is still coming along. I think I am improving each week because it seems like it is getting easier however there is so much I still don't know how to say. Our teacher Hermano Diaz started a new thing a couple days ago where 8am to 9pm we are supposed to speak only in Spanish throughout the day (except for P-days, on Tuesday). Our district has done pretty well with that but there are times outside of class where we forget and start speaking English. However in class he only allows us to say 15 words in English and marks one down each time we say one. We have to be pretty creative with how we say things sometimes because of our very limited Spanish vocabulary still. However, I'm glad we are doing this because it definitely makes learning Spanish a lot faster.
We study out of Preach My Gospel and in the scriptures everyday! I'm learning a lot about how to be an effective teacher and understanding a lot more in the scriptures too. During personal study time we read out of English scriptures and at other points of the day we prepare lessons to teach to our "investigators". We taught Eva about how families can be together forever through the Plan of Salvation and she really enjoyed that. She has been very open to praying with us now and seems interested in what we are teaching. David is doing pretty well too (pronounce it as Dah-ved haha). However it is a lot harder to teach him about things because he hasn't been praying with us. I know that prayer is very important in teaching people about how to be able to communicate with our Heavenly Father.
This week we were also given the Ensign magazine for October and told to read it before our devotional tonight! I'm excited and it sounds like we have gotten really lucky being able to hear from 2 apostles already! Usually there is one general authority a month, but not always an apostle. But tonight some people think it might actually be President Monson which would be really awesome because he hasn't spoken here in at least 3 years! Quite possibly longer (he has never spoken since our Branch President has been here). The Ensign talks a lot about the Book of Mormon this month and how it is similar to the Bible. I think there is going to be a special message for the missionaries about it tonight too so we will see. Either way it will be good.
Each week is getting closer to the date I head to Mexico so that is exciting. I still have a lot to learn but I'm itching to get out there! It's crazy how fast these first 4 weeks have gone by but at the same time it also seems like I have been at the MTC a lot longer. Almost like I am forgetting what is like to be out in the real world, but that isn't quite a bad thing because there is so many good things we get to learn here. Time just doesn't make sense while you are here and what day of the week it is doesn't really matter unless it is today (P-day) or Sunday haha.
It's great to hear from everyone and I love your Dear Elders and notes I am getting! I'm glad the family is doing well and I pray for you guys also. Thank you for your prayers and I look forward to talking to you all again soon!
Con Amor,
Elder David Carlson
With his MTC Companion

His MTC district at the Provo temple

The missionary purpose.

Trying to look prophetic.

That's where he's going!

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